Will Delta-8 Vapes Get You High?

Delta-8 vapes are obtained from organic hemp plant extracts. They are manufactured using pure THC, unlike CBD products with various hemp plant extracts. The hemp plant has various elements, including flavonoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and terpenes.

THC is the second dominant element of the hemp plant after CBD. Unlike CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids, Solowij et al. (2019) noted that it has been frequently associated with intoxicating side effects. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the hemp plant and cannabis because their THC levels are below 0.3%, unlike marijuana, having 2.5%. 0.3% THC levels found in the hemp plant are considered too low to trigger the psychoactive effects. Since Delta-8 vapes continue spreading, can they make you high?

Are Delta-8 Vapes Legal?

Delta-8 vapes, among other hemp-based products, were legalized in the US by the 2018 Farm Bill. After the plant had been associated with various health and wellness benefits, numerous research showed promising results. However, the Farm Bill gives states mandates for regulating hemp-based products within their territories. As a result, 14 states are yet to legalize hemp products since they have THC. Therefore, THC Topicals by No Cap Hemp Co are illegal in the 14 states. Out of the 36 states, some only allow hemp-based products for therapeutic benefits only.

Since THC has intoxicating side effects, including getting “high,” having a poor memory, and severe headaches, it was regulated to 0.3%. Therefore, according to the 2018, Farm Bill, hemp-based products are only legal with THC levels below 0.3%. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is also strict on manufacturers offering harmful Delta-8 vapes. Some brands have the posted potency lower than the actual one. The FDA only allows hemp-based products with potency variance below 0.3%. It has sent warnings to various brands with Delta-8 products potency variance exceeding 10% for consumer protection. Consumers are also warned against such brands.

Will Delta-8 Vape Get You High?

According to Richtel (2021), Delta-8 vapes are likely to make its user “high” since they are manufactured using THC, a psychoactive element. Delta et al. (2021) commented that vaping Delta-8 products are common among the youth. The study above also noted that it is mostly used for recreational purposes, triggering the “high” effect. However, several factors determine whether you will get “high” or not. They include;


The novices are likely to feel the high effect with slight concentrations of as low as 10 mg of CBD Gummy Bears. This is because their body is being introduced to a new substance. Red cells take some time to fight THC in the body, making you high before being gotten rid of. On the contrary, veterans can only feel high by increasing the potency levels or the amount of Delta-8 they take since their body has already adapted. Therefore, suppose they wish to trigger the “high” effect, and they have been taking 50 mg of CBD per ml, the potency levels should be adjusted to 60 or 70 mg of CBD. The impact on the novices is also more rapid than on veterans.

THC Levels

Although most manufacturers have their THC levels in vape products restrained to 0.3%, some don’t. Therefore, vaping Delta-8 with THC levels exceeding 0.3% is likely to make you high. Although Delta-8 THC levels might have been limited to 0.3%, taking too much of it accumulates in the body triggering the “high” effect.

How Do I realize that I’m under the Influence of Delta-8 vapes?

Most people, especially the veterans, are likely to find it hard to determine whether they are getting “high.” Akpunonu et al. (2021) identified symptoms of delta 8 vapes in the body. Some of the common symptoms you are starting to get high with delta-8 vapes are memory loss, severe headaches, and anxiety. This effect should last for at most 6 hours. In case the effect prolongs, seek medical attention.

How to Determine the Best Delta-8 Vapes

Delta-8 vapes can only trigger the desired effect if it’s of high quality. The main determiners for quality include;

The Lab Results

All Delta-8 manufacturers assess the potency and purity levels of their products. The best producers of Delta-8 vapes have centralized labs to assess purity levels from the moment the hemp plant arrives at the manufacturing facility and the end of processing. Check on posted potency levels and the actual ones in the products to ensure they match to avoid unknowingly overdosing. Although the FDA only recommends a 10% variance, some brands exceed the limit. The FDA has been warning various brands of exposing their customers to high potency levels unknowingly.

Pay attention to the purity levels. Although some brands try as much as possible to avoid contaminating their Delta-8 vapes, Cannabidiol they end up being contaminated during manufacturing. Therefore, confirm Delta-8 vape you are about to use is void of heavy metals and chemical solvents that might have infiltrated the product during manufacturing.

Method of Extraction

There are various methods of obtaining THC used in manufacturing Delta-8 vapes from the hemp plant. The most common methods are alcohol, ethanol, and CO2. Ethanol continues to gain popularity even though it’s not the most suitable since it is effective and convenient for large-scale production. Ethanol is likely to leave the hemp plant extracts contaminated with harmful chemical solvents. Most manufacturing experts recommend CO2 since its effective and clean. It minimizes the chances of contamination of the end products and the environment.

The Manufacturing Process

Very few people pay attention to the manufacturing process and the total chemicals used. Best Delta-8 manufacturers have a team of manufacturing experts and chemists overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure safety. The role of chemists is to select the most effective and safe chemicals to be incorporated into the manufacturing process to avoid contaminating the end products. Consider Delta-8 vapes manufactured with minimum chemicals.


Delta-8 vapes can get you high since they have THC as the only element. THC is the second dominant element of the hemp plant associated with intoxicating side effects. However, THC can also offer health and wellness benefits. Some of the benefits are improving mental health and reducing pain. The benefits try to be justified in various researches due to THC’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, the benefits are yet to be approved.


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