What is the Difference Between Vape Juice and Vape Cartridges?

Vaping has become a common habit, especially among the youth in the USA. Although it is yet to be legalized by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), vape products are getting the better part of the market. Hemp-based manufacturers are also now offering vape products as one of their recent developments to make vaping experience more fascinating.

There has been a lot of question regarding the legality of vape products directed to the FDA. However, it has not come out clearly on their legality even though vapes are harmful to our health. According to Delta et al. (2019), vaping stands out to be the most effective way of taking No Cap Hemp Co THC3 products or Delta-8 products. It offers rapid effectiveness within 20 minutes since the smoke is inhaled into the lungs and directed to the bloodstream rapidly.

Vape Juice

Smith (2019) defined CBD vape juice, vape pen, and e-liquid as hemp-based extracts used with vaporizers or vape pens. The extraction process involves dilution of vegetable glycerin or CBD oil with glycerol. In some cases, people dilute CBD oil with other liquids such as polyethylene or proline glycol for dilution. The thin liquid oil which is refillable in the cartridge is the CBD vape juice. However, vape liquids are not equal. Some are of poor quality. Therefore, the user is required to be keen on quality to avoid taking contaminated or highly concentrated vape juice posted low potency levels.

Vape Cartridges

Hicks et al. (2021) identified that cartridges are of two types; refillable and disposables. They are specifically designed to hold vape juice. Refillable cartridges can be used more than one time. Vapers refill cartridges with vape juice to help the user continue enjoying the vape experience. On the contrary, disposable cartridges are for one-time use. Once the vape juice is finished they are disposed of.

What is the Difference Between Vape Juice and Cartridges?

There are various differences between vape juice and cartridges. According to Jiang et al. (2020), they differ based on the following;

Potency Levels

Potency variance between vape juice and vape cartridges makes a big distinction. CBD cartridges are designed with higher concentrations than vape juice making them more potent. On the other hand, vape juice potency levels vary depending on the amount of CBD Infused Gummy Bears or Delta-8 extracts. Vape juice is filled with different potency levels from as low as 5 mg to 1000 mg per 30 ml bottle. The choice of preference is determined by various factors including experience. Veterans can take over 500 mg for them to trigger the desired effect. On the contrary, the novices should take low concentrations and adjust them gradually as they monitor the side effects.

Ease of Use

Neither vape juice nor cartridge is difficult to use. They are all user-friendly although Miliauskas et al. (2006) mentioned that cartridges have a higher advantage. Cartridges are friendlier even to the novices, especially disposable ones. Cartridges can be used as they are, whether prefilled or disposables. Simply place the cartridge between the lips and begin vaping. Once the vape juice is done, you can dispose of it. If you are using refillable cartridges, CBD Oil refill them after completion of the vape juice. On the contrary, vape juice is somehow challenging to use. Its users are required to be extremely careful during refills to avoid messing up things by spilling the vape juice. Vapers are also advised to avoid overfilling their vape pens unless they are to sip the excess juice.


Vape juice requires a higher voltage battery to heat it up before beginning to vape. However, a vape cartridge only needs low voltage to heat it up and start functioning. Most cartridges have inbuilt standard batteries since a higher voltage could result in malfunctioning. On the contrary, a higher voltage is of advantage for vape juice. The user pair higher voltage with vape juice for a massive vapor cloud during vaping.


The cost for vape juice varies depending on the potency levels and the brand. Some juices are offered cheaper and others expensive. Notably, the price for vape juice is significantly low than that of cartridges. Although disposable cartridges are suitable and convenient, they are expensive in the long run. Vape juice is relatively juice since you only require a vaporizer that can last for months or one year. Also, you can lower the cost by making your vape juice at home. Vape juice is cheaper than cartridges.

Flavor Options

The vaping market has become better by introducing various flavors. Vape products in various flavors are among the reasons most youth are embracing them. Vape juice has a variety of flavors than cartridges. Unique flavors such as strawberry and raspberry make vaping seem cool and more enjoyable. Other flavor options include chocolate, banana, mint, and lemon custard.


Neither vape juice nor vape cartridges are legal. However, the FDA is yet to mention anything regarding it. Hemp-based products were legalized within the US. However, the 2018 Farm Bill gave states mandates to determine their legality within their territories. As a result, 35 states have legalized it. 15 states restrict all hemp-based products both for recreational and therapeutic use. The 2018 Farm was also clear on THC levels: Hemp-based products are only legal if their THC levels are below 0.3%. These levels found in the hemp plants are considered safe for consumption compared to ones in marijuana. Marijuana was not legalized despite being under the same family as hemp and cannabis because its THC levels are over 2.5%, which is more intoxicating.


Vaping either vape juice or cartridge is highly embraced among the youth since it offers a cool feeling. Vaping has become better, especially after the introduction of flavors. However, vaping is yet to be legalized in the USA. Whether you are using vape juice or cartridges, pay attention to potency and purity levels to avoid extreme side effects resulting from high concentrations of chemical solvents and heavy metals. Consider getting either of the products from an authorized dealer who provides all the manufacturing processes on the website. Cartridges are the best option since it’s easy to use. However, it’s expensive compared to vape juice. Vape juice could be made at home and it only needs one vaporizer that would last for months or years.


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