CBDfx - CBD Charcoal Face Mask 20mg

CBDfx - CBD Charcoal Face Mask 20mg

  • $6.99

What do all the best CBD face products have in common? They deliver potent, organic CBD exactly where you need it — and our CBD Charcoal Face Mask is no exception. With 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this mask provides plenty of topical CBD without including any THC whatsoever. The pure activated charcoal in our CBD Charcoal Face Mask boosts the effectiveness of this topical CBD by removing toxins from your skin.

What is CBD good for when you use it in a face mask? Our research uncovered that CBD may reduce oxidative stress whether you apply it topically or ingest it in any other way. Oxidative stress is the major cause of inflammation, and inflammation may be the primary cause of acne. Studies also show that CBD beauty products directly reduce inflammation in your sebocytes. These glands in your skin produce sebum, and overactive sebum production can lead to acne.

Our active botanical CBD Charcoal Face Mask includes pure activated charcoal to absorb oils and remove impurities from your skin. In addition to removing pore-clogging sebum, charcoal also removes bacteria, toxins, and other chemicals from your skin, which leaves you with a flawless complexion. You can use our CBD Charcoal Face Mask to soothe your skin while removing impurities at the same time, which may be one of the best approaches to fighting acne and improving your overall skin health.

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